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Proof That Mattress Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Hardly any purchase is underestimated as the selection of a new mattress. It is worth a healthy, balancing sleep but a little superior, right? We will help you with the search. The choice of your own mattress is always a very individual decision. Not every person and body has the same needs. But it is also or just for a good night's sleep.

The most important thing: leave time

Take a couple of weeks to buy a mattress, explore the current price and product range, and possibly wait for sales. Very important in the decision-making process is the test-laying. Many do not even know what hardness or elasticity is good for them. That has to be explored first. Of course, this should not be forgotten on the bed partner, because he may have very different preferences or requirements.

The right hardness

It is a rule of thumb: especially heavy people need certain hardness - at least for mattresses. Tender persons usually require soft ground. However, this cannot be generalized. In general, well-being always counts. The same applies to the flexibility or spring back of the mattress. Important: The spine should be in a straight position when lying down. A visit to thebest-mattress for helpis the best deal now.

The matching slatted frame

In a really good mattress can be dispensed with a resilient pad. As usually sufficient for an ordinary roll-slat! The distances between the slats should not be too big, otherwise the mattress pushes through. It makes sense to have a distance of about five centimeters. Slatted frames keep their shape for decades and do not need to be changed on an ongoing basis. Adjustable comfort slatted frames work best with flexible foam or latex mattresses.

What should not be missing?

With handles or loops on the sides, the heavy mat - and ecological variants made from coconut fiber or sheep's wool - can easily move a few kilos onto the scale.

Easily removable and washable covers are also strongly recommended. Not only in cots, for allergy sufferers is a regular washing quasi duty. Practically, though not absolutely necessary, are mattress protectors. They get the mattress, as the name says, longer than new and catch sweat, skin particles and the like, before they sink into the mattress. In addition, the thin Schooner uncomplicated stuck in the washing machine, as some mattress cover.

Purchase and complaints

Specialist shops offer their customers the opportunity to test the desired mattress for a few weeks and if they do not like it, they do not have to buy it. Be sure to take advantage of this offer. Another possibility is to arrange a right of return or exchange upon purchase.

When shipping please makes sure that the right model has come and all seams are in order. Defects such as depressions or torn seams can, however, normally are complained of within two years. Please in case of doubt study the terms and conditions of the seller. Quite fresh mattresses, if it is not ecological models made of natural materials, can smell quite unpleasant at first. These odors evaporate in the first few weeks. If the odor nuisance remains, however, the mattress should be filed on time, usually within four weeks.

Which mattress cover?

To fit a good mattress is a matching cover. Similar to the core, it is also made of different materials and also in various weaves, which give the cover different properties. This in turn has an impact on sleeping comfort. Whatever you choose, if you prefer a hygienic sleeping environment, you should always pay attention to the wash ability of the cover

What degree of hardness?

Once the decision has been made for a specific type of mattress, it goes into detail: Now you have to find out which degree of hardness is the right one. The higher the degree of hardness is chosen, the firmer the feeling of lying. In addition to body weight, your personal preference also plays a role here. If you like to get stuck, you should choose a high degree of hardness. If you like very soft, you can resort to a lower degree of hardness.

Is the quality good?

If all the details are clarified, of course, the question arises, whether the selected mattress also qualitatively meets the expectations. Will the mattress last a long time, or will it sag in no time? Is the foam used permanently adaptable or can the springs withstand the continuous load? Here, the volume weight of the foam used or the spring strength can provide information about the mattress quality.

Care and mattress protection

When you buy a mattress, you can help to ensure that you enjoy your sleep for a long time. By turning and turning regularly, you can achieve a longer life for your mattress. In addition, various mattress protection products, such as B. million pads or mattress covers the mattress cover from wear, avoid the formation of mold or protect against mite infestation.

Cold foam mattresses are made from crude oil. They are breathable and are characterized by a high adaptability and by the variety of offers out. The density of a mattress made of cold foam provides information about their density and is crucial for their quality. The higher the density, the better the quality! A cold foam mattress weighing less than 35 kilograms per cubic meter (kg / m³) has too low a density and stability and is therefore not recommended. Ideal is a cold foam mattress whose weight is between 45 and 55 kilograms per cubic meter. Cold foam mattresses with a density of 75 kilograms per cubic meter are of excellent quality and have a long service life of up to ten years. The higher the density, the better the lying quality and the durability of the mattress! Compared to spring core and latex mattresses cold foam mattresses are a low-priced alternative.

The advantage of a cold foam mattress over other types of mattresses is their low weight. This means that it can be easily lifted, turned and turned around. Another advantage is that there are cold foam mattresses in different sizes, heights and degrees of hardness, so that they are offered in different price ranges.

For allergy sufferers, a mattress made of cold foam is less suitable. The reason is a possible mite infestation. However, it can be reduced by regular ventilation, by turning and appropriate care.